Welcome to
Education with a Destination 2019

We’re excited to see you in August!

The 11th annual EDUCATION WITH A DESTINATION just may be the most comprehensive 4-days of alpaca education you can find.

  • Genetics, EPDs color inheritance, parasites, all animal care
  • Speakers include:
    • Shauna Brummet, PhD, AOA Board President
    • Dr Andy Merriwether
    • Dr Norm Evans
    • Dr Rachel Oxley

The live event takes place at two ranches near Bend, Oregon with experts in all aspects of alpacas, fiber production, EOD’s processing fiber, skin biopsies, reproduction, marketing, history and the much anticipated PEN SALE and much much more……..EwD is an EVENT not to miss!

Saturday Night we will have a Gala Banquet and Auction Fundraiser for Quechua Benefit. (Included in price)